GreenDRILL Emission Management

Software system that measure, manage, distribute, analyze 

and document emissions for any drilling rig.

• Real time measurement of energy consumption for each connected consumer.


• Baseline calculations.


• Deep insights into emission profiles per equipment, and system, per rig.


• Generates multiple KPI’s.


• Emissions forecasting

Will consolidate emissions from multiple rigs (if connected).


• Follows the requirements in ISO 50001.

GreenDRILL Emission Management

GreenDRILL Active Emission Reduction Kits

Hardware / software kits that drastically 

reduce CO2 emissions without affecting performance.

• Active Emission Reduction for Ringline Systems 


• Active Emission Reduction for Charge Pumps 


• Active Emission Reduction for Mixing Pumps 


• Active Emission Reduction for Transfer Pumps 


• Active Emission Reduction for Agitators 


• All kits are OEM independent.

GreenDRILL Active Emissions Reduction Kits