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Automation and digitalization are rapidly transforming the execution of drilling and drilling fluids operations. Rotor Systems has a long track record of delivering complete drilling package control systems, with multi-machine control and drilling fluids control systems for the offshore drilling industry.

Our team of control system experts has been actively involved in the development of automated drilling equipment for HMH, NOV, and Cameron over the past 25 years. This includes the development of cloud-based solutions for operation monitoring and planning. Our control systems fully compatible with other industrial applications related to multi-machine control and process control. This extends to industrial processes and aquaculture, for instance.

Control systems

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Mud control systems

We deliver both new control systems and upgrades for existing ones. Our state-of-the-art controls are easily configured to monitor and manage all relevant processes, tailored to meet your applications in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Use of advanced data logging enhances intelligent equipment control, status logging, preventive maintenance, energy efficiency, and energy optimization.

Our control systems cover all processes related to high- and low-pressure mud systems, including well control applications.

Drilling control systems

The delivery of complete drilling control systems (DCS), control cabins (all machine control, XOS Drilling Control System, Multi-Machine control system, drilling control cabin, and local equipment room) for drilling units is part of Rotor Systems’ portfolio of drilling products.

Our control cabins for XOS operator chairs are tailor-made to meet operational requirements and floor layout. They can be installed on the floor or elevated, with internal and external finishes of the highest quality. Cabins can be delivered fully equipped and ready to be connected to the rig.

If needed, they can be designed for hazardous area Zone II, including HVAC system for temperature and pressurization control.

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