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Rotor Systems provide a full range of equipment for mud mixing and processing systems, including automation and controls. Let us manage your next mud mixing system, ensuring all aspects related to functionality and reliability are properly handled. And that all aspects related to health, safety, and the environment are addressed.

All equipment can be adopted into new systems or upgrades of existing ones, with the level of automation as required – from local control to remote operation. Dust-free mixing systems with controlled dosing of dry and wet additives are based on real-time sensor input or manual operator input.

All individual equipment, skids, and systems from Rotor Systems are delivered according to relevant rules and regulations (typically CE/ATEX, UKCA, IECEx, API, NACE, PED, ASME) and customer specific requirements.

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Why Rotor Systems?

High-quality equipment from Rotor Systems is developed based on decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, resulting in innovative solutions and equipment that exceeds comparable alternatives in terms of performance, reliability, safety, and efficiency. Recognizing the uniqueness of each rig, Rotor Systems can accommodate clients needs by tailoring equipment and systems for each individual application.


Mixing equipment includes sack emptying units, mud mixers, high-rate mixers, big bag units, liquid dosing skids, and shear units.

Storage/transfer includes surge tanks with feeders, cyclones/collectors, bulk storage tanks, and accessories (valves, deltas, etc.), fluid tanks, pumps, and agitation equipment, including sizing and selection, CFD analysis, and intelligent control.Mud cooling includes complete heat exchanger/piping assemblies and additional equipment (circulation pumps and filter systems).

Cuttings slurrification and re-injection include CRI units with slurry storage tanks and pumping systems.

Rotor Offshore

Rotor Offshore holds exclusive distribution rights for Derrick Equipment in the North Sea area, including the UK. As an equipment integrator, Rotor Systems provide complete system upgrades and integration of Derrick Equipment components, including shale shakers, centrifuges, and degassers. All integration according to relevant requirements for installing this equipment in hazardous ares according to CE/ATEX and UKCA requirements.

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