Offering valuable insight in offshore drilling equipment, providing innovative solutions in aquaculture industry.

Salmon Farm

Our expertise lies in designing and operating offshore fluid and material handling systems, waste handling systems, and automation and control of equipment and systems. Knowledge that provides valuable solutions in diverse areas of application. Solving challenges in the demanding offshore marine environment has proven to be beneficial in discovering innovative solutions for both process-related and mechanical tasks within the aquaculture industry.

Our partners

Using a trusted selection of equipment and fabrication suppliers, we deliver everything from small tailormade equipment skids/systems to complete low-and high-pressure mud systems and drilling/process control systems.

How we work

We cooperate with our clients to deliver safe, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions tailored to their needs, related to everything from individual equipment to complete process systems.

Contact our sales team

Reach out for details on equipment and systems, company presentations, site surveys, and price quotes. Our sales team is available to provide support and assistance with inquiries related to existing equipment or ongoing projects.

Sales Manager / Stavanger

Arild Grasdal

Sales Manager / Kristiansand

Olav Kvaale

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Below are some of our projects related to offshore, industry, and aquaculture. Our equipment, systems, and services are applicable over a wide range of industry applications within process systems, automation and emissions management.