Successful Delivery of SIL2 Certified BOP Control System Upgrade!

Rotor Systems & Castor Drilling have delivered a SIL2 DNV certified Shear Boost System to KCA Deutag onboard the Oseberg C platform in partnership with Equinor.

This system provides critical safety functions for the platform and the project was completed in a record time of only 9 months, demonstrating the expertise and dedication of all three companies. In the Norwegian oil and gas industry, SIL 2 level became a requirement for all new installations and modifications to existing installations in 2013. These requirements were introduced as part of the revised regulations for safety, health, and environment (SHE) in the petroleum activities, issued by the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA).

The purpose of SIL 2 requirements is to ensure that critical safety functions have a sufficient level of reliability and risk reduction to protect people, the environment, and the assets involved in petroleum activities.

The Boost system operates as a separate system, generating and storing the pressure and volume required to operate the Shear ram in Boost mode, without affecting the existing BOP stack, HPU with accumulators, and operator panels at the Driller and Toolpusher positions. These existing systems remain unchanged.

KCA Deutag, a leading drilling and engineering contractor, was impressed with the performance of the Shear Boost System.

This success story showcases the commitment of Rotor Systems and Castor Drilling in delivering innovative and reliable technology solutions for the oil and gas industry. The SIL2 DNV certified Shear Boost System on the Oseberg C platform is a prime example of their ability to provide solutions that meet the highest standards of safety, reliability, and compliance with industry regulations such as IEC 61508/61511.

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